Keep Yourself Hydrated: Top 5 Veggies To Pick!

Among all the other things our body needs to function at its best, the one that holds one of the top positions is to stay hydrated. Sometimes we feel the urge to drink water; this generally happens in summer. The primary source of all nutrition is the food we consume. Experts highly recommend not going for fast food options as they not only come with high amounts of empty calories but also have several side effects on the body. Our body also extracts around 20% of the water requirements through our meals, and we must keep a healthy diet. Rather than relying on the ready-to-eat packaged food options, we pick from our nearest grocery store, we; would try going for whole foods, including fruits and vegetables. These food options will also cover a significant part of the nutrient requirement, along with fibers and other minerals. In this blog, we will jot down five veggies you must include in your diet to help you stay hydrated throughout the day.


We all have heard of the health-centric properties of lettuce; we are excited to reveal to you that it is made up of almost 96% water. If you take a cup of lettuce that will have around 72 grams in quantity, it will offer you 59ml of water. Not only this, but a single cup will also satisfy the daily folate needs and provide 1gm of fiber. The presence of fiber and water will fetch down the calorie count to just 10 per 72 grams.


Zucchini is a vegetable with almost 94% water and is known for its beneficial properties. It is a perfect option if you cannot keep yourself hydrated. A single cup of chopped zucchini will serve 124 grams and contain a gram of fiber and 90% water. Just like lettuce, it will keep you full for a longer time. The combination will offer a wealth of nutrients and a lower calorie count. A single cup will also fulfill 35% of the daily vitamin C requirements.


This one is consumed by a wide range of people following the weight loss journey, all thanks to the lower calorie count and the high amount of water. A single cup will offer 16 calories and provide fibers along with several other nutrients. If we go into detail, celery will have a good amount of potassium and vitamin K, two essential elements when it comes fortective shield from cardiovascular illnesses.


This vegetable comprises more than 94% water and serves many nutrients, i.e., vitamins A, C, etc. These vitamins are considered immunity boosters, and a single cup of tomato will offer just 32 calories and 118ml of water. There will also be a good amount of antioxidants that will help fight many diseases.


It contains more than 92% water and will also get a plethora of nutrients that will help you stay fit. With only 25 calories, a single cup of cauliflower provides 100ml of water. It has more than 15 essential vitamins and other nutrients, such as choline. It specifically helps with better brain functioning and is also quite rare as it is not available in a majority of other watery veggies.

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