Unloved orphan

Unloved Orphan (emem)



Unloved orphan EmemTitle: Unloved Orphan
Emem lives with her parents in a community at Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom state. Emem is the only child of her parents. Emem’s mother sells yam in the local market in their community while Emem’s father is a farmer. They were not rich but could afford to give their daughter the basic things of life.

Mr and Mrs Effiong took very good care of their daughter Emem and she never lacked anything. The couple love their daughter but they didn’t spoil her because she is an only child. They gave her good home training and discipline her severely when she erred. Emem became a well behaved girl and the pride of her parents.

One day, an incident occurred where Emem’s mother sells yam. Emem’s mother’s neighbor in the market where she sells accused Emem’s mother of stealing her yam and she called her names. Emem’s mother was shocked by the accusation. The two women ended up getting into fight; it was a tough one. It took the people around much efforts to separate them. They were taken to the leaders of yam association in the market to settle their differences.

At the leader’s place, the two women explained their selves. Emem’s mother’s neighbor was asked if she have any proof to show that Emem’s mother was the one stealing her yam but she had none. She said her yam was always missing and she suspected Emem’s mother because she always have lots of yam to sell every day.

The executives of the yam association told the woman she has no tangible proof against Emem’s mother. Since she didn’t catch her stealing her yam or have any proof, her accusation was baseless and they lambasted her asked her to stop causing trouble. The two women were asked to go back to their store, to stop fighting and to make peace. When they got back to their stores, Emem’s mother neighbor started abusing her again. Emem’s mother ignored her and she called out to people to buy her goods. When Emem came back from school and greeted the woman, the enraged woman turned to Ememand started abusing her. She called Emem names. The young girl was surprised and looked at the woman in wonderment. She didn’t know what happened or why the woman was abusing her.

Emem’s mother took her inside the shop and asked her not to mind their neighbor. Emem’s mother’s neighbor was still ranting and cursing. She picked some grains of sands from the ground and put it in her mouth and she cursed Emem. She said that if she was truly lying against Emem’s mother, then let her words not come to pass but if she was not lying then let Emem suffer the consequences for her mother’s sin. She cursed Emem and said she would never know the love of any human being until she leaves the world. After cursing, she spat the sand on the floor.

Emem’s mother was forced to reply her. She told the woman that whatever evil she had plotted against she and her family that it would backfire and go back to the sender.

She told the woman that she would never have to reap the fruit of her labour. They started insulting each other all over again and ended up fighting again. They were separated by the people around them. The two women had fought till they were very exhausted. When they separated them, they both went into their shops.

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